optical pumping does

Optical Pumping Does

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Optical pumping is a process in which light is used to raise (or "pump") electrons from a lower energy level in an atom or molecule to a higher one. It is commonly used in laser construction, to pump the active laser medium so as to achieve population inversion.

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Optical pumping, in physics, the use of light energy to raise the atoms of a system from one energy level to another. A system may consist of atoms having a random orientation of their individual magnetic fields. When optically pumped, the atoms will undergo a realignment of individual magnetic fields with respect to the direction of the light beam; that is, there will be a rearrangement of magnetic energy …

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Optical pumping is a process in which light is used to raise (or ‘pump’) electrons from a lower energy level in an atom or molecule to a higher one. From: Lasers for Medical Applications, 2013

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The nuclear polarization can be prepared by optical pumping which is associated with exciting the electronic transition by electromagnetic waves in the optical region such as lasers.8,72 In this method, circularly polarized light generates polarized electron spins in an alkali metal by depleting one of the atomic states.

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Optical pumping was first developed in the 1950s by Alfred Kastler as a way to study collisions and relaxation processes. It is the foundation of all lasers, and is widely used as a method of studying atomic structure and properties. The goal of optical pumping is to put all of the atoms of a sample into a well defined quantum state.

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As the host medium (a laser crystal, glass or piece of ceramic) is electrically insulating, optical pumping is the only way to supply the laser-active ions (e.g. rare earth ions) with energy. See Figure 1 as an example. Semiconductor lasers are in most cases electrically pumped, but optical pumping can have certain advantages.

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A. Kastler discovered optical pumping in the 1950’s and received the Nobel Prize for his work in 1966. In this experiment you will explore the phenomenon of op-tical pumping and its application to fundamental mea-surements in atomic and nuclear physics with equipment originally built for the Junior Lab shortly after the pub-

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Optical pumping is a process used in high frequency spectroscopy which was developed by A. Kastler. It allows the spectroscopy of atomic energy states in an energy region which is not accessible by means of direct, optical observation. Kastler was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics for this in 1966.

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Optical pumping is a process of raising individual atoms from lower to higher states of internal energy— this process is used to alter the equilibrium populations of atoms in different energy levels to prepare them for spectroscopy. The word “optical” refers to the light en- ergy that powers this atomic pump.

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Optical pumping is a technique for producing spin alignment in a gas of suitable atoms. Circularly polarized light is applied at the frequency of an electronic transition from the ground state, causing transitions to an excited state. Each photon absorbed adds one quantum of angular momentum

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Figure 1: Optical pumping can be used to polarize a gas of atoms that have magnetic dipole moments. In practice, these atoms are often mixed with a nonpolar bu er gas, which helps keep the polarized atoms from touching with the walls of the container and losing their polarization. 2B 3 3 ) )

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I am aware of the term optical pumping being used in two contexts. 1. Producing a laser (this is by far the most common usage) A prerequisite for lasing is population inversion, in which there are more electrons in an excited energy level than ...

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Optical Pumping Optical pumping uses light to affect the internal degrees of freedom of a sample of atoms in a vapor. These internal degrees of freedom are angular momentum states of the atomic ground state, which are populated when light is absorbed and emitted. This experiment reveals many phenomena of quantum mechanics including angular momentum selection rules, the density matrix, …


performing optical pumping experiments. You will probably need to review your atomic physics and possibly your optics. The use of circularly polarized light is also crucial to the optical pmping process. We strongly urge you to review these subjects as well as …

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Optical Pumping of Molecules* R. E. DRULLINGERt AND R. N. ZAREt Department of Chemistry and Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado 80302 (Received 26 June 1969) A technique is described for the optical pumping of gas-phase molecules based on the orientation de­ pendence of their absorption cross section. It is shown that when the rate of ...

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Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "optical pumping" – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen.

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Optical Pumping Eric D. Black September 27, 2004 Sometimes you want to magnetize a gas, to align all of the little mag-netic moments of the gas atoms in the same direction. You might plan to have somebody inhale the polarized gas, then look at the insides of their lungs using magnetic-resonance imaging, or you might want to investigate the electronic level structure of the gas atoms, and ...

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Optical pumping overcomes these limitations by \pumping" electrons into the highest Zeeman sublevel. To understand how it works, one should be familiar with the origin of the Zeeman levels, a description of which is included in Appendix 1. The important formula is the one for the splitting between Zeeman levels in a weak eld: 0 = g J 0 h(2I+ 1 ...

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